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War on Religion alert: Adorable little girl says lunch lady made her stop praying [VIDEO]

Posted By Robby Soave On 1:45 PM 03/29/2014 In | No Comments

A little girl claimed that her lunch lady caught her praying in the cafeteria and forced her to stop–and the Youtube video of the adorable tyke telling her parents about it has become a viral sensation.

Constitutional law generally holds that schools can’t formally incorporate prayer into the curriculum ,and public officials can’t require prayer. Students should be allowed to pray on their own, however.

But according to the girl, when she tried to say a prayer before eating her lunch, a cafeteria supervisor stopped her.

“I was about to pray and say something to Jesus,” said the girl. “My lunch teacher told me when I was about to say something that you’re not allowed to pray.”

The girl’s parents asked her what she said in reply.

“It’s good to pray!” she said.

Then they asked what the lunch lady said.

“She just said, ‘It’s not good,’” recalled the girl. ”I said, it is good. But she said ‘it’s not good.’”

The girl said she tried to pray again later, but was caught once again.

The parents told their daughter they were proud of her and that she is allowed to pray wherever she wants. (RELATED: School district to mother: No Common Core opt-outs, let us humiliate your kids)

Marcos Perez, the girl’s father, told The Daily Caller that he did not wish to release the name of the school until he had learned the identity of the offending staff member. He said he spoke with the school principal, who denied that any staff members had obstructed his daughter’s attempts to pray.

The principal did issue a reminder to staff that students are allowed to pray on their own, said Perez.

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