Author Topic: Moonbats fight for Middle School girl's right to distract Middle School boys  (Read 132 times)

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Moonbats Fight For Middle School Girls’ Right To Distract Middle School Boys

By Cultural Limits on March 25, 2014   • ( 0 )

Since when do dads think it is okay for their daughters to dress for unwanted male attention?

What in the hell has happened to parents in this culture?

Earlier this month, Haven Middle School administrators notified parents that female students are no longer allowed to wear shorts, leggings, or yoga pants because those articles of clothing might be “too distracting” for their male peers. That’s sparked a protest among parents and students in the Evanston, Illinois area, who are arguing it’s not girls’ responsibility to accommodate the boys in their classes.  SOURCE

But it’s perfectly okay to deny that 13 year old boys are loaded with hormones and are regularly horny, and that girls DO distract them?  If girls present the curves, the boys are going to look.  Human life has been that way from the beginning of time.

More than 500 students have signed onto a petition protesting the new dress code policy, which they say is sexist because it’s only targeting girls’ clothing. Some female students have chosen to defy the ban and are wearing leggings and yoga pants to school in protest. A poster plastered in Haven Middle School reads, “Are my pants lowering your test scores?”

That’s mean.  Plain and simple.  That is mean.  It’s a taunt that should not be allowed any more than the leggings and tight jeans.  And their parents are letting them do this?  Way to raise little ladies, Mom and Dad.

“Not being able to wear leggings because it’s ‘too distracting for boys’ is giving us the impression we should be guilty for what guys do,” one of the students participating in protest, 13-year-old Sophie Hasty, told the Evanston Review. “We just want to be comfortable!”

So do the boys, and by all reports, when they see young women’s curves, suddenly their jeans are UNcomfortable.  Yes, leggings and workout clothes are comfortable, but another comfortable layer OVER them will hide what is distracting the boys, and they will be comfortable, too.

It’s not just the students who are getting involved, either. Two parents, Juliet and Kevin Bond,sent a letter to the school principal arguing that this approach toward the dress code is furthering unhealthy attitudes about sexuality. Targeting tight pants rests on the assumption that girls must work to prevent themselves from being ogled, rather than teaching boys they should work to avoid objectifying their female peers. The policy also links girls’ clothing to boys’ inability to control themselves.

Who’s side are these people on?  Yes, girls have to work to keep from being ogled.  That’s what getting dressed in the morning is all about.  As far as male/female, girl/boy, man/woman relations…it’s an innate instinct.  My four year old nephew had better moves as a two year old than most men.  All little girls compete for male attention.  ALL THE TIME.  Boys fight and get into contests to show off for girls.  It’s the way of things.  Be too revealing, though, and sooner or later some male is going to lose it.

Unreal.  Blame middle school boys for being middle school boys rather than teaching young girls how to be modest and mysterious to keep the boys at bay.  And why are the boys’ parents not protesting unfair incrimination?  After all equal rights are still equal.

So glad we went to schools with a uniform.
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I do love reading angsty stories about first world problems.

(Not aimed at you, ranger - just the parents)
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