Author Topic: Yeah, we know the REAL reason this New Mexico bank voluntarily took down it's American Flag, don't we?  (Read 120 times)

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Yeah, We Know The REAL Reason This New Mexico Bank Voluntarily Took Down Its American Flag, Don’t We?

By Rat on March 28, 2014   • ( 11 )


If our flag offends you, haul your ass back to wherever a flag flies that doesn’t offend you

A Wells Fargo bank branch in New Mexico has taken down the American flag it’s had hanging inside the building for almost a year. It says “a few people” complained that the flag was “offensive.” When questioned as to why the flag was offensive, the bank refused to provide an answer. Of course it did.

Via The Blaze:

A spokesman for Wells Fargo told KRQE-TV they have received “a number of complaints” from people in “different states” about U.S. flags on display in the banks. When asked why the flag might offend people, the bank could not come up with an answer.

But other customers are not happy about the decision.

“We have to stand up for what’s right and it’s right to be able to display the flag!” one frustrated customer said. “Because of someone previously complaining and being offended about the flag being up, they were asked to remove it.”

I’ll go out way out on a limb, here (ahem). Rather than speculate as to who complained about the flag and why, I’ll ask a simple question:

If natural-born Americans living in a foreign country (say, MEXICO) complained about that country’s (Mexican) flag flying in one its banks, what would be the response of that (Mexican) bank?

I rest my case.

Wait – no I don’t. Here’s the deal to “whoever” complained about Old Glory: If our flag offends you, haul your ass back to wherever a flag flies that doesn’t offend you. Otherwise, get over it and shut the hell up.
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