Author Topic: It’s official: Chris Matthews is America’s most-hated TV anchor  (Read 178 times)

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You’ve known it for years, but now there’s statistical proof: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is the least-liked TV news personality in the United States.

The rambling “Hardball” host came in dead last in a survey of 24 cable news anchors conducted by data company Q Scores. Scraping second-to-last was MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, followed by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell (seeing a pattern here?).

At the head of the popular table is CBS Evening News’ Scott Pelley, followed closely by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and CBS’ Lara Logan.

Considering its absolute dominance of the cable news game, Fox News personalities were less popular than you might expect. Bill O’Reilly came in 15th, well behind MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and just ahead of CNN’s Piers Morgan. Sean Hannity came in at 19, Fox anchor Shephard Smith at 20.

The results were compiled by providing 1,800 television viewers the TV personality’s name and a brief description. The survey measured both name recognition and how the viewer felt about the individual.

The Wrap, which commissioned the survey, writes that TV newscasters tend to be both the least-recognizable and least-liked television personalities.

[h/t The Wrap]

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Re: It’s official: Chris Matthews is America’s most-hated TV anchor
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Alex Wagner is the smarmiest little trollop on cable TV.  She's like, 15, and dares to condescend to those who are actual adults and ten times more intelligent than she is.

She's no doubt single or dating a pit bull.
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