Author Topic: I have a question on government and the birth control as a right issue?  (Read 187 times)

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Does the government subsidize little league ball games?

Roller skating?

Wind surfing?

How about picnics?

What I am getting at is this: If a man and a woman aren't having sex to reproduce .. wouldn't it then be considered a form of recreation:shrug:

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Well, it certainly is fun and a good cardio work out.

However, there is a good biological reason why we don't ignore each other for 90% of the year and screw like rabbits the other 10%.
Every time a couple have sex, they release oxcytocin. Highly addictive, highly pleasurable, and designed to make the male stick around to help raise the kids. Yes - sex addiction is a thing - oxytocin is more addictive than smack. Makes sense, given a long development period after birth.
The only comparable mammals with the same length development period are whales and elephants - both strictly matriarchal societies and both of them a heck of a sight bigger than humans, with the females usually (not always) being bigger than the males.
It's a way of protecting from a slight defect.

Now as to the government subsidizing it - dumb idea. Though if they could tax it, you bet your ass they would.
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