Author Topic: Alan Grayson Wants $20.14 for Being Called “Chief Maggot of All Liberal Lowlifes”  (Read 203 times)

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Alan Grayson Wants $20.14 for Being Called “Chief Maggot of All Liberal Lowlifes”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On March 28, 2014 @ 9:29 am In The Point

Millionaire lawyer Alan Grayson, fresh off accusations of abuse by his ex-wife, is  launching his election campaign by ranting about Joe the Plumber and mean conservative bloggers because he thinks it’s still 2008.

Grayson’s site, which looks more and more like Infowars every day, deploys a fundraising email in which he asks supporters to donate money because Joe the Plumber called him a “piece of nose slime” after the lefty congressman was accused of abuse by his ex-wife.

“If disgusting political attacks like calling a Member of Congress a “piece of nose slime” make you feel ill, then click here, and give us the support we need to fight back,” Grayson writes.

How much do you need to give to assuage the sick feeling experienced by imagining Grayson dripping out of someone’s nose?  $20.14 a month. Why that much?  I have no idea.

After ranting for five paragraphs about Joe the Plumber, Grayson asks again, “Aren’t you sick of right-wing fakers like “Joe” the “Plumber”?  Click here to show your support for the Member of Congress whose bumper sticker reads:  “Grayson.  Truth.”

I don’t think even die hard lefties are all that obsessed with Joe these days.

After eight more paragraphs of ranting about Joe (yes this fundraising email is already a minor novel) he wraps it up with another request for money.

This follows a previous fundraising letter in which Grayson tries to fundraise off being called a circus clown.

    For what it’s worth, I like circus clowns.  I love the way that dozens of them pop out of those tiny little cars.  My kids enjoy the suitcase gags, the juggling, and the magic tricks.  But regardless of my affection for circus clowns, I am not one of them.  Rather, I am a progressive, and the “most effective Member of Congress,” according to Slate magazine.

    If vicious personal attacks like calling a Member of Congress a “circus clown” make you feel ill, then click here, and give us the support we need to fight back.

For the record, Alan Grayson would like to state that Slate Magazine can vouch that he is not a circus clown.

    Lest you think that this is an isolated instance, an anomaly of some kind, here are some other harsh terms that right-wingers have flung at me during the merry month of March alone:

    “Chief Maggot of All Liberal Lowlifes” (
    “loudmouthed maverick liberal” (
    “pretty big POS” (
    “bad caveman” (
    “loathsome pest” ( again)
    “Lunatic” (“Jammie Wearing Fools”)
    “Shrek look-a-like” (

This is like watching a wino dance around for pennies.

    I’m willing to stand up in the face of this brutal character assassination, and continue to fight for the common good.  But I can’t defeat them all by myself.  I need your help, and I need it now.  Every dollar counts

Progressives, Alan Grayson can’t stand up in the face of being called a “Shrek look-a-like” without your money.  Send him $20.14.  Or throw him a nickel. Leave a sack of old government cheese under his park bench while he sleeps.

Grayson is willing to defy anything that mean people call him on the internet.  He will also show up for your dunk tank as long as you send him money.

Won’t you help out today?

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