Author Topic: 3 Little Questions About Those 6 Million Obamacare Enrollees  (Read 233 times)

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3 Little Questions About Those 6 Million Obamacare Enrollees
« on: March 27, 2014, 06:26:30 PM »

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Re: 3 Little Questions About Those 6 Million Obamacare Enrollees
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2014, 07:22:57 PM »
You missed some big ones:
4. How many of these enrollees are duplicates or inactive "dummy" registrations? The site does or did not allow anyone to re-do their application. So, if you started to sign up and the site barfed, it would keep your screen name but your file was corrupted and it would not allow you to login. The only way to fix this or re-do bad information was to login again under a different account. I saw an interview with a guy who said he had over 3 different Obamacare accounts because of this.
5. How many of these people were insured before Obamacare, and how many were made 'uninsured' because of Obama? That is, Obama gets their insurance cancelled, calls them uninsured, and more or less forces them to sign up with him when they were perfectly fine before.
6. How many of these enrollees have severly degraded coverage under Obamacare than what they had before? This will be a significant number.
7. How many of these people have seen their premiums double or trible or more, while getting less coverage and a higher deductable in return?
8. How many of these people "kept their doctor" or even can find any comprable doctor to treat them? It is one thing to be able to say the words, "I have insurance.", it is a totally different thing to find a doctor or hospital that will accept it, and a whole different thing to have the insurance company actually pay and cover you.
9. Has anyone, any single person, seen a savings of $2500 per year under Obamacare, with the same coverage and the same doctor and hospitals. Not a chance. How can you save $2500, if you had no insurance to begin with? You can't. This is another in a long list of Obama lies.
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