Author Topic: Boehner, McCarthy, Cantor join forces with Left to defeat conservatives?  (Read 126 times)

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There is so much talk about the Republican Party unifying and focusing on winning the upcoming 2014 midterm elections. However, establishment pundits lay blame at the feet of the so-called “right wing” for hindering the success of the Republican Party. Many seem to have forgotten the very dedicated and focused conservative grassroots movement that enabled the GOP to become the majority in the House of Representatives. The phenomenon called the Taxed Enough Already (Tea) Party has since 2009 redefined the arena of politics in America — creating angst and enemies.

We now know the Obama administration utilized the Internal Revenue Service to destroy the Tea Party effect in the 2012 election cycle after their resounding success in 2010. As we draw closer to the 2014 cycle, we are beginning to see the military maneuver known as the “double envelopment.” editor Erick Erickson reports that the assault on the conservative movement is not just from the Left:

Next weekend, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and twenty-five other members of Congress are flying to Amelia Island, Florida to collaborate with a group dedicated to defeating conservatives in Congress. The Republican Main Street Partnership’s offshoot “Main Street Advocacy” is hosting the event at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island. Steve LaTourette, a liberal Republican former Congressman from Ohio, is the face in front of the group. LaTourette is good friends with John Boehner. Behind the scenes, LaTourette’s group is funded by the vast left-wing conspiracy. According to an email inviting people to the event, “People that are attending have donated $5,000 to the PAC.”

We have a term for this in the military – it’s called the “circular firing squad.”

Erickson points out that LaTourette’s group has received money from left-leaning unions, George Soros back organizations, and a major Democrat contributor.

The Mainstreet Partnership has multiple offshoots all housed on the 6th floor of a 7th Street office in Washington, D.C. Together, the groups — including Main Street Advocacy — want to, in the words of their backers, “bolster our incumbents who are under attack from the far right, and ensure that we hold on to seats represented by pragmatic Republicans that we would otherwise loose if there was an ultra-conservative in the general runoff.”

It’s difficult to trust the center-right side of the political spectrum, especially when you read something such as this.

So can it be true, that next weekend, LaTourette is luring Boehner, McCarthy, Cantor and twenty-five others to the Ritz in Amelia Island to shake hands and collaborate with the very donors intent on defeating not just conservatives, but Republicans?

I hope it’s not the case. But if it is, I am reminded of the movie “Braveheart” where Scottish nobles betray their own kindred Scots to the English King Edward for their own personal gain and wealth.

In the end, what succeeded was freedom, liberty, and not the elitism of a few.


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