Author Topic: Ted Cruz makes surprise appearance outside Supreme Court, argues for religious freedom  (Read 227 times)

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Tom Tillison

The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday centered around the contraception mandate imposed by Obamacare, and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, made a surprise appearance outside the courtroom to speak on the importance of religious freedom.

The latest challenge to President Obama‘s signature healthcare law involves Hobby Lobby, a family-owned company that objects to covering birth control methods such as the “morning after pill,” saying it violates their religious beliefs.

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“We are a nation founded by men and women who fled religious oppression,” Cruz told Hobby Lobby supporters. “We were founded by men and women who came here because we said every one of us has a God-given right to seek out the Lord God Almighty with all of our hearts, mind and soul. Free from the government standing in the way.”

Cruz, who knows his way around the Supreme Court, having argued before the high court multiple times, said that is “our shared legacy.”

“There is a reason why the very first protection in the Bill of Rights is the protection of religious liberty,” he said as a steady snow fell around him.

As Cruz spoke of how this administration has seemingly offered an exemption to every one except people of faith, it was hard not to feel that he should have been inside putting forth such an inspirational argument, instead of standing out in the cold.

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After the first debate, Cruz will be at the top of any polls.
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Ted Cruz is a brilliant public speaker.  I'm glad he's on our side.   :patriot:
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After the first debate, Cruz will be at the top of any polls.

Agree.  Cruz will be head and shoulders above the others.  And, this is a brilliant political move by Cruz.  He is appealing to religious Conservatives while simultaneously reminding voters that he is leading the attack against Obamacare.

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