Author Topic: Massive Fire Reduces Luxury Apartment Building to Rubble in Montrose Area (Houston, Texas)  (Read 236 times)

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HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houston firefighters called for five alarms on the fast-moving blaze that reduced a luxury apartment building under construction to rubble, and rescued one person from the scene.

 The fire broke out around 12:30pm at the building on West Dallas at Marconi in the Montrose area. Huge portions of the unoccupied luxury apartment complex were completely engulfed in flames before collapsing, and thick black smoke filled the air. By 1:30pm, firefighters had called a fifth alarm on the blaze.

Houston Fire Department spokesperson Ruy Lozano says one construction worker was rescued from the third floor. The man was reportedly about to jump to safety, but a ladder truck reached him just in time. The man was not injured.

Lozano says all firefighters and construction workers have been accounted for. Juan and Raul Hernandez were among the construction workers who ran for their lives as the flames spread fast.

"Real quick, because it was windy," Juan said. "But it seems everybody is OK. I don't know."

Raul recalled, "When everybody started screaming, I just climbed down the scaffold and walked away."

Eyewitness Larry Reader reported seeing a construction worker using a fire extinguisher trying to put out the flames at the beginning of the fire, and said that man then needed to be rescued from a balcony.

"It was frightening," Reader said. "In an hour and a half, it was unbelievable how fast it spread."

Political consultant Adam Harris was among those stuck in traffic. He shot video of the fire as the lone trapped worker was rescued.

"How amazing it is that nobody was hurt," Harris said. "Blows my mind. I actually talked to some of the workers and said, 'What happened?' And they said, 'We don't know. Everyone yelled fire, fire, fire and we got out.'"

Lozano adds that the fire started at one end of the construction site and quickly spread to the other side, with winds speeding the fast-moving flames along. The exact orgin location and cause haven't been determined yet.

More than 80 units were dispatched to the scene with more than 200 firefighters. This includes at least 14 ladder companies, 26 engine companies and five EMS transport units.

Firefighters sprayed nearby homes and buildings with water. The fire did not spread to any adjacent structures, but the blaze burned hot enough to melt plastic on cars parked nearby.

Video @ the link.
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Huge portions of the unoccupied luxury apartment complex were completely engulfed in flames before collapsing
Thank goodness it wasn't occupied.
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Thank goodness it wasn't occupied.

Still under construction. Probably about half finished.

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This is the rescue video that was shot from across the street from this massive fire.  It is one of the scariest fire rescue videos I have ever seen. 

God was with these guys...

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