Author Topic: May We Have Another, Please? By James Taranto  (Read 115 times)

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May We Have Another, Please? By James Taranto
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May We Have Another, Please?
The left lobbies the chief justice--again.

James Taranto

March 25,2014

Reading the New Republic piece by Tom Donnelly of the Constitutional Accountability Center (a self-described organization of "constitutional progressives"), you'd think you'd gone back in time two years. "It's the blockbuster case of the term," Donnelly says, referring to a dispute over ObamaCare now before the Supreme Court. "It is also a crucial test of Chief Justice John Roberts's leadership. . . . The stakes for his reputation--and that of his Court--couldn't be higher."

"Chief Justice Roberts has often spoken about how important it is for the justices to maintain the legitimacy of the Court--by limiting divisive rulings, moving the law incrementally, and trying to stay above politics," Donnelly goes on. A vote against ObamaCare would mean "a radical departure from well-settled precedent"--the subheadline says it would be Roberts's "most radical decision":

In the end, however tempted Chief Justice Roberts may be to strike a blow to Obamacare in this highly publicized, blockbuster case--and however much his conservative colleagues may be pulling him in that direction--Roberts can't give in to these pressures without tarnishing his carefully cultivated image as a cautious jurist and, in the process, unleashing a wave of unpredictable (and risky) consequences.

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