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'Superman': College Basketball Star Offers Support, Prayer to Cancer-Stricken Girl

"Superman. You’re here."

 Yehuda Remer |

Every now and then, a sports figure will emerge who steals the hearts of the American public not for their ability on the court, but for what they do off the court.

Michigan State star, Adreian Payne, met Lacey Holsworth two years ago at a hospital where the 8-year-old was being treated for neuroblastoma, a rare form of nerve cancer. The "photo op" ended quickly but not for Payne. As the Spartan team left, Lacey said she liked Payne’s smile and asked him to stay. The relationship only blossomed from there.

According to, the two text each other daily and "Payne has made sure that Lacey is part of his Michigan State family."

When Lacey's cancer returned, Payne sprang to action, calling for prayer and support for the young girl. From

Lacey felt a familiar pain in her jaw. She was hurried to the hospital, where tests and scans confirmed her doctors’ worst fear.

The cancer had returned.

And chances were good that, this time, it wasn’t going away.

Confined to campus with a game the following evening, Payne immediately got online and asked his 18,000-plus Twitter followers to pray for Lacey.

Just having surgery, chemotherapy, and not smiling for days, Lacey was worn out. When Payne walked into her hospital room, the little girl smiled a big grin and said,

“Superman. You’re here.”

Now Payne leaves tickets for Lacey and her family to attend the games, where she paints her face and shakes her green pom-poms. Payne often brings Lacey to the court during warm-ups and gives her a huge hug making her feel like an all-star.
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I was in Spokane last weekend for the NCAA tournament games.  Payne had 41 points during Thursday's game.  He's huge, but has a great touch from 3-point range.
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He IS Superman.   :amen:
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