Author Topic: New President of Disney/ABC Television Sits On Soros-Backed Board  (Read 193 times)

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Ben Sherwood, the current president of ABC News who sits on the advisory board of the George Soros-backed Center for Public Integrity, will take over as president of Disney/ABC television in February of 2015. Sherwood will replace Anne Sweeney, who will be leaving next year after ten years.   

Sherwood will immediately become Co-President of Disney/ABC Television and continue his duties as President of ABC News.

George Soros is a left-wing billionaire who has been convicted of insider trading. Soros is a funder behind such extremist organizations as Media Matters and the Center for American Progress.

It therefore seems to assume that the incoming regime at Disney/ABC will continue to blacklist their own miniseries, "The Path to 9/11."

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Re: New President of Disney/ABC Television Sits On Soros-Backed Board
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So now Mickey Mouse will be gay. Leave the kids alone!
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