Author Topic: Comedian Recalls Finding a Shocking Surprise Inside His Bible  (Read 244 times)

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Billy Hallowell   

Actor Kevin Hart recently told TV host Oprah Winfrey about a humorous and touching lesson his mother taught him when he was still a struggling comic trying to make it in the entertainment industry — a story that involved a Bible, an eviction notice and six months worth of rent checks.

Hart, who appeared on “Oprah Prime” Sunday night, told the talk show host about how his mother, Nancy, financially supported his efforts to become an entertainer.

After hearing about her son’s aspirations, the comedian recalled his mom telling him that she wasn’t a “dream killer” and that he had one year to prove to her that comedy was truly what he wanted — and that it was something he could support himself doing.

So, Nancy agreed to help her son with his rent during the first 12 months of his career.

Hart told Oprah that the first six months of doing stand-up was fun. While he wasn’t making much money, he said he was forging important relationships and enjoying the process.

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