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Mind control in America
« on: March 23, 2014, 04:47:18 PM »
PART 1 of 2


By Roy Masters
 Author of "Hypnotic States of Americans"
 January 21, 2014

It's here, it's real, and it's frightening

The principles and techniques of scientific brainwashing closely parallel the manipulations that take place in many families. Pavlov and the other scientists who “ invented “ brainwashing early in this century learned much about their subject by observing, refining, and systemizing the cruelties that take place all too often in the family.

Why should I teach you to manipulate other peoples' minds when it is so blatantly immoral and dangerous? The reason is that if I can expose the process, you will be in a position to disarm the next person who tries it out on you. The privileged information you are about to learn has been known and used by dictators, tyrants, bullies, and sociopaths for thousands of years. But ordinary citizens have been kept in the dark.

Interested? You bet you are! Want to know the secret of bending people to your will? Who doesn't! But be warned concerning the dangers of this supreme folly before you enter the game of power.

Principle number one: Before you can dominate others you must become a victim yourself. Most likely you already fulfill that requirement. Try to understand, it would be impossible for anyone worthy of the name of "human" to call up within himself the ruthless wickedness he would need in order to destroy another person for the fun, power, and glory of it. The necessary ruthlessness would have to have been implanted in him from some outside source—by the person who destroyed his original innocence. Only the extremely ambitious ones among us, those sociopaths willing to trade their souls for power, possess that necessary ruthlessness. And once they set out to gain more and more power, they will feel called upon to become more and more ruthless, because power, to the unprincipled, is addicting.

No ordinary person can originate wickedness—or goodness, for that matter. Both qualities project through us from an overriding source. If you are conscious of the presence of a dark spirit within yourself, it is because some long-forgotten trauma caused you to lose control of your psyche and let the intruder in. And once the nature of the intruder has been implanted in you, it robs you of your former identity, and lives through you as though it were the real you. Under its control, you find yourself bullying the weak and doing unto others all the nasty little things that were done unto you. It awakens in you a hunger to control and violate others, and once you taste the fruits of power, you start to forget that you have been victimized. You get caught up in the excitement of the wicked implanted knowledge you acquire through your trauma experience. And once you have been violated and imprinted with "carnal knowledge," you find validation for your power trip in the enslavement of others.

Whoever invented "vampires" was a good student of human vulnerability because the process I am describing is analogous to the vampire mystique in every detail. When you are bitten, you give up your life's blood to the vampire. Eventually, you die and come back to life—not as a person, but as a vampire. You become what violated you. You are imprinted with the vampire's identity, nature, and personality. You thirst for power, and you know by your new instinct how to get it. Take care, though, for knowledge of such things that you can get from books will be worthless to you. The soul has to be made compatible with such knowledge. It has to bare its neck to the bite of the evil vampire and accept its venom throughout its being, exchanging whatever bonding it formerly enjoyed with its Creator for the evil knowledge of how to gain power through the enslavement of others.

The way to power has always involved a military-style chain of command. The more powerless you are before those you hate, the more powerful you become over those who hate you. You might call it the law of the human predator. If you have thus embraced, and become compatible with, dominant evil knowledge, you may be sure it was because of a violation, a seed of trauma that was planted in you early in your childhood. While you were powerless in the world of adults, all you could do was keep the seed watered and fed with your smoldering resentment. By the time you reached puberty, it came to full flower.

The human soul is not born compatible with a thirst for power, and no amount of textbook training in the art of gaining it will succeed in getting the knowledge to “stick.” The soul will simply be unable to effectively activate such knowledge until it has been seduced from its original innocence. Conversely, of course, the soul that hungers for truth will reach out intuitively, and take into itself, the kind of instruction that will lead to his becoming a power for good. If you ever had to take a course in school that was of absolutely no interest to you, you know how impossible it is to be receptive to anything with which you are not fundamentally compatible.

Unfortunately, most of us were robbed of our innocence early on. Consequently, we do unto others what was done unto us, until something or someone comes along to wake us to the danger of continuing on the downward path. In a very real sense, “innocence” is related to “common sense,” in that both terms describe a position of poise and impersonal objectivity, devoid of preconceived bias, ready to assess the right way to go by some inner light. And oh, how the body snatchers hate and feel threatened by innocent people with common sense!

Your innocence (patience) and common sense are your only defense against those who glory in putting you down and gaining some kind of power over your mind. Body snatched persons, turned into body snatchers, are all terribly insecure. They compensate for their feeling of powerlessness by terrorizing others and throwing them out of control. They have been separated from their original goodness and de-humanized, compelled to live out a slave/tyrant relationship that was established in them by a now-forgotten violator. They kiss the feet of those who continue to forge their chains. And, strong before the weak, they live by a comparative system of values. The only faith they know is the smug satisfaction they feel when they succeed in upsetting and thus casting doubt into the faith of others.

Remember the rule: Trauma introduces into the victim a "beast" identity that evolves through submission to its "creator." The victim is now addicted to being violated in order to complete the evolution of the implanted self that he now accepts as his own. He will even submit to torture and cruelty in the name of "love," because any perfected and overblown emotional reaction is the very breath of life to that identity, completing his implanted predatory nature.

If this all sounds too heavy and gruesome to be true, just ask yourself: Where does all the cruelty, insanity, and man's inhumanity to man come from; and exactly how is it passed on from generation to generation?

In order to dominate and enslave others, you must learn to "live" off of their dying and suffering, and to revel in degrading them for "kicks" and the sheer fun of exercising and absorbing power. Do you remember who did it to you?

Still interested in gaining power?

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Your personal manipulator is probably laughing up his sleeve over your weakness, but you may never know it. Who wants to see that he has been degraded and controlled? It's reviving and much more fun to suck up the blood of your own victim, so that's what you unconsciously do. Your absorption in "gorging" on the life substance of your own victims decreases your awareness of the presence that has overshadowed you. You see, don't you, how "power" corrupts, and why it is so addicting. The more power you crave, the more ruthless you have to become in its pursuit. If you were to let up, even for a minute, you might be forced to see your own cowering allegiance to the life-sucking evil that has overpowered you.

You are therefore compelled to keep adding to your victims and rising in the predatory chain of command, thinking that you are on the way to heaven—until you wake up in hell.

Do you still want the secret of power? Even now that you know the kind of person you will have to become? For part two click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2,
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