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Posted on March 23, 2014   

Osama Bin Laden & his CAIR counterpart, Nihad Awad…snug as a rug in a bug…manly dudes…

MERELY thirteen years after the most devastating terror attack on U.S. soil in recent memory – a mere blip on the historical radar – one would think that an Islamic cohort of Osama Bin Laden would be banned from American soil. Not only that, it appears rational to assume that the terror org he leads, CAIR, would be outlawed, in tandem with many of its hydras.

Think again.

NOW, it matters not a whit whether Osama and Nihad ever crossed paths. But what absolutely matters is that CAIR is part and parcel of the Muslim Brotherhood, and that Al Qaeda is its outgrowth! Less than six degrees of (terror) separation.

That being said, many still believe that others feel as they do about the American dream. Its possibilities. Therefore, they tend to accrue the most benign sensibilities to Muslim-Americans. GRAVE error.

Assuredly, even as they stand before an American audience with the stars and stripes as a backdrop, due to freedoms afforded by the U.S. Constitution, well, they are hardly in league with said liberties and ethos. FAR from it.

Here’s the dangerous truth:

Osama Abu Irshaid of American Muslims for Palestine speaks during the launch of the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations in Washington on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. Behind and to his right is Council on American-Islamic Relations Executive Director Nihad Awad. Photo courtesy of: CNS News

U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations - USCMO

(Videos included) Ten U.S. Islamic organizations have come together to form a new umbrella group to serve as a “representative voice” for American Muslims, and one of their first tasks will be to carry out a census of the community.

Other focus areas for the new U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), according to speakers at the body’s launch in Washington on Wednesday, include enhancing Muslim political engagement and participation in forthcoming elections, civil rights issues, combating “Islamophobia” and having an impact on U.S. foreign and domestic policy.

Participating organizations include high-profile groups that have been dogged by controversy, such as the Muslim American Society (MAS), founded by Muslim Brotherhood members, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which was named by the Justice Department in 2007 as “unindicted co-conspirators” in its case against the Holy Land Foundation in Texas, subsequently found guilty of raising money for Hamas.

“The new national council’s first priority will be to build on Muslim citizenship rights by conducting a census of American Muslims to create a database that will be used to enhance civic and political participation in upcoming elections,” USCMO said in a statement.

CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, a participant at the launch, said that Muslim organizations in 2011 had come up with a “guesstimate” of seven to eight million Muslims in the United States.

“Opponents of the Muslim community shot down the number for political reasons, to two-and-a-half, two million, and sometimes people even said half a million,” he said.

The aim of the census project would be to determine a clear idea of the number and distribution of American Muslims, by 2016.

“Muslim voters can be swing voters in key elections, especially in 2016, and we are aiming at that election to bring a more visible participation from the Muslim community,” Awad said.

Another participant, Osama Abu Irshaid of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), said Muslims “are a growing demographic, numbering in the millions, and it is time to organize ourselves so that we can fully participate productively and efficiently in the political process.”

Abu Irshaid said American Muslims’ purchasing power exceeds $170 billion, “but we want to be more than consumers in this country.”

“We want to fully participate and engage in the civic process. We also want to ward off the evils of bigotry and Islamophobia and begin to define ourselves instead of allowing others – who don’t understand us, who fear us and even hate us – tell us how we should live and worship in this country.”

Abu Irshaid said bringing American Muslims into the political process “can only enrich American foreign policy and enrich our domestic policy as well.”

One prominent anti-Islamist Muslim described the move as “a circling of the wagons” by the nation’s top Islamist organizations.

“If they were going to start an American Islamist political party those would be the founders,” the president of the non-profit American Islamic Forum for Democracy, M. Zuhdi Jasser, said early Thursday.

The USCMO launch was a sign that Islamists were “feeling the heat,” Jasser said.

“America is both getting tuned in to their anti-American agenda as well as also realizing that far more diverse anti-Islamist American Muslim groups – like our American Islamic Leadership Coalition – can provide alternative and authentic Muslim voices beyond the Islamists.”

Although a woman emceed the event, no women were visible among the leaders of the organizations at the launch. USCMO Secretary-General Oussama Jammal said the new body’s stated priorities include “empowering women by developing and supporting their leadership skills, seeking appointment of Muslim women to leadership positions, and also involving women at all levels of our community organizations and expressions.”

The founding members of the new umbrella group are The Mosque Cares, Muslim American Society, American Muslims for Palestine, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Islamic Circle of North America, Muslim Legal Fund of America, Muslim Alliance in North America, Muslim Ummah of North America, American Muslim Alliance and the Mosque Foundation of Chicago.

How many Muslims?

The size of the Muslim American community has been a point of contention.  The U.S. Census Bureau does not collect religious data, but the 2008 American Religious Identification Survey, conducted by scholars at Trinity College, found the number of American adults self-identifying as Muslims to be 1.35 million, up from 1.1 million in 2001.

In 2010, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life put the number of Muslims in the U.S. at 2.77 million.

In his “address to the Muslim world” in Cairo the previous year, however, President Obama made reference to “nearly seven million American Muslims in our country” – drawing applause for doing so from an American Muslim leader at the time.

The seven million figure has been attributed to a CAIR-sponsored 2001 survey of leaders from a representative sample of mosques, which concluded that two million Muslims were associated with a mosque (with “association” defined as at least attending Eid, the major Islamic holiday at the end of Ramadan).

Based on that number, the survey authors concluded that “estimates of a total Muslim population of 6-7 million in America seem reasonable.”

The Islamic Society of North America states that there are “close to seven million Muslims” in the U.S…..

Whereas many immigrants – as well as natural born citizens – treasure freedom and liberty, this is absolutely, incontrovertibly not the case with an overwhelming proportion of  Muslim-Americans, whether native born Americans or immigrants. How do we know this? The proof is boundless.

Proof One:

Despite the blah, blah background noise that terror is a “bad” thing, how many can recall a large gathering – or any gathering of consequence – whereby Muslim-Americans railed against the slaughter of innocents in the name of Allah? More ominously, how many have come out publicly against the infiltration/penetration tactics of Muslim orgs, whose goals are specifically aimed towards special accommodations for Muslims, at the expense of all other citizens? And, how many Muslim-Americans understand that America is founded upon the Constitution’s principles, and that the separation of Church and State is a must, and not subservient to a perpetually aggrieved population that pines for Shariah Law?

IF you don’t want to believe this blogger, suit yourselves. But the following should be internalized before you turn deaf, dumb and blind to its truth(s). A scary, comprehensive list of their encroachment can be found within the link below. Absorb it.

IN THE SIDEBAR of Islamist Watch is a list of links by topic, each of which goes to another page full of links to articles on concessions made to Islam. What aresource!

When you’re talking to people about “the Islamization of Europe” or “stealth jihad” and they look at you blankly and have no idea what you could mean, start reeling off the items from this list. This is how the West is being conquered — one small concession at a time. Each concession is the establishment of one aspect of Sharia law.

Proof Two:

It gets worse. How many have heard of “Sharia States of America”? Well, if not, time to catch up to speed. Many Muslim-Americans are unrelenting, even America’s super hero characters are co-opted! Is nothing off limits?

Proof Three:

Whereas, those who don’t have the patience to wait to accomplish their goals through stealth methods, one Shariah Law step closer at a time, they are firm believers in prepping for the frontal approach:AMERICA’s HEARTLAND INVADED:TERROR COMPOUNDS GALORE. LAW ENFORCEMENT GIVES THEM FREE REIN!WHAT’s GOING ON?

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Nevertheless, knowledge is power and there is none more knowledgeable in this arena than counter terror expert, Dave Gaubatz. Heed him well, and not just because he is this site’s valued contact - Ask the Expert with Paul “Dave” Gaubatz: Islamic-Based Sleeper Cells in the U.S. and Israel and the Prevention of More Islamic-Based Terrorist Attacks

In tandem with the above full blown interview, the following are words to live by:

◾What do CAIR, Osama bin Laden, and Obama have in common?  Answer:  Sharia law.

◾Why do I have the Osama and Nihad Awad (CAIR Executive) photograph? Answer: Both Osama and Nihad Awad are leaders of Islamic based terrorist organizations.  Osama/Al Qaeda and Nihad Awad/CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood)  In addition I enjoy making Islamic terrorists look as ignorant as they are.

◾ By the definition used by the media, I would say I am a ‘Right Wing American’.

1. This means I believe in GOD (not Allah), I do not support abortions.

2. I love our country very, very much, I will defend with my life the U.S. Constitution (not Sharia Law).

3. I oppose same sex marriages.

4. I firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment (right to bear arms).

5. I firmly believe in the 1st Amendment (right to free speech).

6: I believe that all humans are created equal.


This sounds pretty good to me, so why do liberals oppose each one of the ‘right wing beliefs’?  Ask most of them and they truly hate me and others who stand for what I just said, yet their hypocrisy dictates they support Islamic based organizations over identified ‘Right Wing Americans’.  The Islamic ideology is far, far more ‘Right Wing’ than Christian and Jewish Right Wingers.



1:  Abortions are Haram (forbidden under Sharia, except for exceptional circumstances). The penalty for killing an innocent life (Muslim life) is death.

2.  The Pure Muslims do not love America, the American people, and the American way of life.

3.  Homosexuality is a grave sin under Sharia law.  The penalty is death.

4.  Under Sharia law the right to bear arms is a right for all Muslims.  There are few if any gun laws in Islamic based countries.

5.  Islam has no tolerance for Christians and Jews to have a right to free speech.  Condemn Islam in any Islamic country and the penalty is death.

6.  The Islamic ideology does not advocate that all humans are equal.  Women in Islam are treated as property.  Slavery has always existed under Sharia law and to this day still does, and during my travels throughout the Middle East I came to be taught by Islamic scholars that Pure Islam does not respect ‘black people’.  Arabs feel a supremacy to black Muslims and use them as a tool only.


It is very apparent for anyone with a first grade education and higher to know the Islamic ideology is 5 times more right wing than most any right wing American. So why do liberals embrace Islam?  I have no clue.


AGAIN, learn his lessons, as if your life depends on it. It does.
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