Author Topic: Susan Rice: Diplomatic Solution Still Possible in Russia-Ukraine Crisis  (Read 201 times)

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Susan Rice, national security adviser to President Barack Obama, said on Friday that the administration still believes there is a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine as Russian troops mobilized along the country’s entire eastern border.

CBS News reported on Friday that a mass mobilization of Russian forces was taking place on Ukraine’s eastern border with at least twice as many troops as the 20,000 number originally reported. The defense “exercise” included tanks and tactical aircraft and appeared to show signs of a logistical buildup required for a sustained operation.

Obama on Thursday announced additional sanctions against Kremlin officials and oligarchs linked to President Vladimir Putin in response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in southeastern Ukraine. The president said more sweeping measures could also be taken against vital sectors of the Russian economy, including the oil and natural gas industries, if Russia’s provocations continue.

Good grief. These people in charge are idiots.

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Actually, a diplomatic - read not involving direct hostilities between NATO and Russian forces - is still possible, but only if the US and Europe, i.e., NATO, make it clear that such direct hostilities will happen if the Russians take too many more steps to acquire territory in Ukraine.

That, of course, means that with the pusillanimous laughingstock we have as president there will not be a diplomatic solution, there will merely be acquiesence in what Putin decides to take, including the additional territory he's already sizing up for seizure.
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