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Ninety lieutenant colonels and 131 colonels were selected for early retirement by the Selective Early Retirement Board that met Dec. 9, according to data provided to Air force Times on Wednesday by the Air Force Personnel Center.

The officers were notified of their selection Jan. 23 and are assigned a July 1 retirement date.

This SERB is one of several force management programs the cash-strapped Air Force is using this fiscal year to try to get down to authorized end-strength levels.

The selectees, by competitive category:

Line of the Air Force: 69 lieutenant colonels and 105 colonels.

Nurse Corps: Seven lieutenant colonels and seven colonels.

Biomedical Service Corps: Six lieutenant colonels and four colonels.

Judge Advocate General : Six lieutenant colonels and 11 colonels.

Medical Services Corps: Two lieutenant colonels and four colonels.

The board considered lieutenant colonels who had been passed over for promotion to colonel twice by Dec. 9. It also considered colonels with four years or more of active-duty time-in-grade by Dec. 9. But colonels who met the 2010 or 2012 boards were not considered.

No more than 30 percent of the officers in each grade and in each competitive category can be selected for retirement under a SERB.

See more at Air Force Times

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Re: 90 lieutenant colonels, 131 colonels selected for early retirement
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The manner in which Dear Leader is ruling this country, perhaps the entire Congress and Supreme Court need to be "retired" as well. After all, these two bodies have done absolutely nothing to stop the spreading cancer of tyranny that is choking this country to death.
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Marine General James Mattis, to Iraqi tribal leaders (Note: Mattis did NOT say "BLEEP". He threw the F Bomb)

I didn't enlist in the Corps just to watch my country become a Third World Communist Shit-hole. Don't know anyone who did.

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