Author Topic: BREAKING: Hit Man Admits To Murdering People On Command For The Clintons  (Read 648 times)

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No thanks. Or in other words,  did you see how well the birtherism and Obama's a queer stuff worked in the 2012 election?

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Larry regularly used to called in to the Quinn and Rose show many years ago. I think they they figured there was a grain of truth to what he said.
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Either the Clintons are trying to get all these stories out of the way now, before she runs - or somebody is trying to take her out of the running.
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This lacks credibility.  There is no statute of limitations on murder.  If he actually had murdered people do you suppose he'd go around broadcasting it?  Until I hear him talk specifics, color me skeptical.
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Skeptical is not the word.

Assuming, for one second, that a Governor and a President could do this, do you honestly think this loose end would not be cleared up?
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Larry used to appear On Mike Reagans show about twenty years ago.

He claimed at pne time to have had the  tar beaten it of him..

Shortly afterward he sort of slipped off the radio radar and his website was as far as I remember never updated past that point.

I don't know what to make of Larry Nichols claim yet.

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