Author Topic: Republican establishment agrees way forward is amnesty  (Read 108 times)

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Republican establishment agrees way forward is amnesty
« on: March 20, 2014, 07:56:58 AM »

Republican Establishment Agrees the Way Forward is Amnesty » Joe For America
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Upside-down-GOPRNC chairman Reince Priebus predicts a “tsunami” of GOP victories in the mid-term elections this fall if only they can pass immigration reform – aka: Amnesty.

The chief says the GOP is focusing on what he calls a “year-round, on-the-ground” program of state organizing – as recommended by the RNC’s Growth and Opportunity Project – known as “the autopsy.”

GOP-leadership_012914“The Autopsy” was invented about a year ago and was done so to assess what went wrong during Mitt Romney’s presidential bid. In other words, the GOP establishment now knows what went wrong in 2012.

You know, the one where we got our asses handed to us by an inexperienced, overwhelmed, failed community organizer with a new four-year track record that only makes Jimmy Carter smile?

“The Autopsy” also comes with handy suggestions for the GOP’s bright future, now that they’ve enabled and embraced ObamaCare as the greatest political hammer since the Dems had Watergate.

climbing_fence_APOne of the Growth and Opportunity Project’s big recommendation is that Republicans take up immigration reform and you won’t believe it, but Reince Priebus supports it. I’d argue with him, but who can ever get his name right?

That’s right – the GOP needs to take back the Senate, get a bigger hold on the House and get Amnesty pushed through – not necessarily in that order, either.
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Meanwhile, never mind that Americans are suffering under ObamaCare and will continue to as long as Republicans can use it against their enemies. No wonder they don’t declare it unConstitutional, defund it, impeach Obama for violating the Separation of Powers or propose anything to replace it!

The GOP loves ObamaCare. The GOP loves Amnesty. You’ve got one, get ready for the other.
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Re: Republican establishment agrees way forward is amnesty
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2014, 11:17:39 AM »
it all depends on the precise details of any so-called "amnesty" - if it's immediate full citizenship without any penalty, then it's a sellout, but if it's something more limited and sensible, like permanent guest worker status, then it's not.

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