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Kansas Judge Ignores Evidence – Restores License to Abortionist

Posted on March 18, 2014 by Dave Jolly Filed under Abortion, Corruption, Email Featured, Ethics, Liberalism

In 2012, Kansas abortion doctor Ann Kristen Neuhaus had her medical license revoked by the State Healing Arts Board.  Her hearing was before Administrative Law Judge Edward Gashler.  According to

“Neuhaus’ inability to practice medicine was long documented in her disciplinary history, first with limitations in 1999 due to ‘failure to maintain complete and accurate records.’ Soon after, the Board found in 2000 and 2001 that Neuhaus violated the standard of care due to ‘no focused physical examination,’ failure in ‘ monitoring vital signs’, and ‘no anesthesia record’—actions the Board said ‘create a danger to the public.’”

Cheryl Sullenger, spokesperson for Operation Rescue, commented about Neuhaus saying:

"She's worked for one shady abortionist after another, most of whom have had their licenses revoked or canceled in Kansas.  And she has also undergone discipline for shoddy bookkeeping and [in] one case for giving an abortion to a woman who had withdrawn her consent."

The revocation of her license stemmed from eleven cases of negligence and failing to meet the standard of care dating back to 2003.  Neuhaus was providing the approval for young teens to obtain late term abortions in which the baby was viable for live birth on the grounds that the mother would suffer from irreversible mental harm if the babies were allowed to be born alive.  She was providing these approvals to the late abortion doctor George Tiller in Witchita.


A week ago, Shawnee County District Judge Franklin R. Theis decided to ignore all of the evidence that was presented to the State Healing Arts Board, when he ordered that the State Healing Arts Board reconsider their revocation of her license.  He also ruled to forgive her $93,000 debt in court costs that she had incurred.

Sullenger responded to the ruling issued by Judge Theis, saying:

"The opinion of the entire Board of Healing Arts in Kansas, the judge who heard all the testimony, all the attorneys who were involved for the Kansas Board of Healing Arts in prosecuting her, and the investigators who investigated her and found these violations in the first place – [Judge Theis has decided] that all those people were wrong and that he's the only one whose right."

The State Healing Arts Board will meet within a month to decide whether to re-try Neuhaus’s case or file an appeal of Judge Theis’s ruling.  Pro-lifers around the state of Kansas are all praying that they stand by their original decision and appeal the judge’s ruling.  We all need to be praying with them for the same outcome.

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