Author Topic: NRCC: Please Bring President Obama to Red House Districts!  (Read 199 times)

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 NRCC: Please Bring President Obama to Red House Districts!
By  Jim Geraghty
March 17, 2014 10:21 AM

Yesterday, to discuss the referenda in Crimea and the crisis in Ukraine on “Meet the Press,” the White House dispatched… Dan Pfeiffer. You know, the guy who was previously communications director for the Obama campaign. And before that, a spokesman for Sen. Evan Bayh.

When Pfeiffer had finished “answering” questions about the missing Malaysian Airlines jet, and warning Vladimir Putin that the Crimean “referendum is in violation of international law,” he declared that President Obama would be an “asset” to Democrat candidates in 2014 and that he’d help Democrats “up and down the ballot.”

After the National Republican Congressional Committee stopped laughing, they felt the need to help arrange these campaign stops:

They sent that letter, in press release form, to the districts of Gwen Graham (FL-2), Amanda Renteria (CA-21), Andrew Romanoff (CO-06), Ann Callis (IL-13), George Gollin (IL-13), Staci Appel (IA-03), Jerry Cannon (MI-01), John Lewis (MT-AL), Erin Bilbray (NV-03), Domenic Recchia (NY-11), Sean Eldridge (NY-19), Martha Robertson (NY-23), Aimee Belgard (NJ-03), Kevin Strouse (PA-08), and Shaughnessy Naughton (PA-08).

I guess we know where the NRCC thinks Obama’s a liability now!
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