Author Topic: Friends pay tribute to TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright's 'fun, laughter and incredible intelligence' after she died aged 66  (Read 207 times)

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Friends of Clarissa Dickson Wright, the television chef and one half of Two Fat Ladies, who has died at the age of 66, paid tribute to her today.

Dickson Wright's agents, Heather Holden-Brown and Elly James, said she died on Saturday in Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary and said she was 'loved dearly' by her friends.

They said Dickson Wright 'hadn't been well for a little while', and had been in hospital since the beginning of the year.  They declined to comment on the nature of her illness.

In a statement, the agents said: 'In recent years, Clarissa often said: "I’ve had a fantastic life and I’ve done everything I could have wanted to do and more".

'During her time in hospital, she was endlessly touched and impressed by the care of the doctors, nurses and support staff, aware of the pressure under which they worked and the fact that sometimes their work was not as valued as it should have been.

'Only a couple of weeks before her death, she was ringing friends asking them to check the (very occasional) general knowledge crossword clue she was struggling with.

'Loved dearly by her friends and many fans all over the world, Clarissa was utterly non-PC and fought for what she believed in, always, with no thought to her own personal cost.

'Her fun and laughter, extraordinary learning and intelligence, will be missed always, by so many of us.'

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I watched the show, it was very entertaining.  I did not know the other "fat lady" had already passed away.  From the article, it sounds like Clarissa had quite an interesting life.  I thought this was noteworthy:

"Born in 1947, she was baptised Clarissa Theresa Philomena Aileen Mary Josephine Agnes Elsie Trilby Louise Esmerelda Dickson Wright."

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Some interesting info posted at a food enthusiast discussion forum of which I am a member:
Here's an odd clip from a story about her:
"Things started to go awry when her father died in 1976. He left his entire £2 million fortune to his brother saying in a rider to his will “I leave no money to Clarissa, who was an afterthought and has twice caused me grievous bodily harm, and of whom I go in fear of my life.”
and this:
Other articles suggest she did indeed receive his money, but I found this:
1) Dickson Wright’s father, Arthur Dickson Wright, was a eminent surgeon to the Royal family, but violent and abusive at home. In her autobiography, she wrote that she first saw him hit her mother when she was six, and – in typically bullish fashion – she kicked him on the shins, shouting: "Pick on someone your own size, like me."

It also was noted: It is well-known that Dickson Wright became an alcoholic, but it was actually the copious amount of tonic water she drank with her gin which caused some of the worst effects on her health – the quinine in it damaged her adrenal gland, which is why she struggled to lose weight.

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