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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Warns Democrats on Running From Obamacare—“Voters Are Going to Know You’re Full of It” [Video]

Don Irvine  —   March 12, 2014 

NBC Chief White House Correspondent and MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd warned Democrats on Wednesday that if they try to run from Obamacare in this year’s election, the “voters are going to know you’re full of it.”

Todd was commenting on Tuesday’s special congressional election in Florida, in which Democratic challenger Alex Sink, who argued against repealing Obamacare, lost to her Republican challenger despite having a significant money advantage and a large lead in the polls as of last week:

In the ideal world that David (Axelrod) described, in talking about trying to get Democrats motivated to the polls, you wouldn’t have the candidates themselves be afraid of President Obama, not wanting to be near him, I kind of think all of those dances, predictable dances — we saw it with Republicans in ’06 with Bush, we saw it with Democrats with Clinton in ’98 — I happen to think it’s a mistake. If you’re a Democrat and you go out there and say, ‘Oh man, health care, it scares me, I don’t want President Obama around,’ voters are going to know you’re full of it, that you’re just playing a game with them.

Todd added that their polling showed that Democrats and Independents favored amending Obamacare, but that Sink and the Democrats had not found a way to avoid sounding defensive about the law. He said that was what led to her loss on Tuesday.

The election was seen as a barometer of the mid-term elections, and the loss had both Democrats and the mainstream media trying to figure out what went wrong in a race the Democrats had expected to easily win. This barometer is portending a bleak November for the Democratic Party.
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