Author Topic: Oscar Winner Stands Up to Putin: Jared Leto Waves Ukraine Flag in Kiev Performance  (Read 261 times)

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 on Breitbart TV 13 Mar 2014, 12:55 PM PDT
(Language Warning) At the 86th Academy Awards when Jared Leto received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Dallas Buyers Club," he thanked the dreamers in Ukraine and Venezuela during his acceptance speech.

Last night he backed up those words with action by waving the Ukraine flag and leading the audience in a “Glory to Ukraine!” chant. During his band's "30 Seconds to Mars" concert at the Sports Palace in Kiev, Leto thanked the crowd for their fight.

“You know, you guys are in the midst of something really beautiful and it may be difficult but there’s no price too high for the privilege of owning yourself, and I want to let you know, I understand other bands have canceled their shows but there was no bleep way 30 Seconds to Mars wasn’t going to be here in this beautiful city and this great country to share this with you all," Leto said.

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I'll bet he wouldn't be so brave if he had tanks rumbling down the street right at him. 13859
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I'll bet he wouldn't be so brave if he had tanks rumbling down the street right at him. 13859

Could be. But right now, he's showing more guts than Il Douche and Lurch.
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I'll bet he wouldn't be so brave if he had tanks rumbling down the street right at him. 13859

You never can tell. Maybe not, but he might surprise you.
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