Author Topic: The president's power grab By Jonathan Turley  (Read 209 times)

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The president's power grab By Jonathan Turley
« on: March 09, 2014, 09:26:26 AM »

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Re: The president's power grab By Jonathan Turley
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2014, 10:14:48 AM »
Turley is correct but very late to the party and completely overlooks the root cause of the problems that started a Century ago, not decades as he says.  The implementation of the 17th Amendment 100 years ago is when the "Checks and Balances" the Professor refers to were disassembled and the individual States written out of the Federal control game completely.  The deadlocked Congress is the direct result, and because the are deadlocked the President can temporarily run partially rampant.

The good news about Obama Executive Orders is that the next President will have no problem repealing them completely.

The bad news is it will be three more years till we get to that point.....

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Re: The president's power grab By Jonathan Turley
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2014, 10:29:35 AM »
It is rather shocking that a very progressive left guy such as Jonathon Turley is saying this OUT-LOUD, again, in the LATimes!

After watching Elijah Cummings and the partisan protection of Obama- that all members of the progressive and BC caucus have shown. You would think the GOP would be screaming about the extremism and wacko bird radicalism (of the BCC and Progressive caucus) and their power grab. It is such a complete power grab that all are called racist if you dare speak of them with ANY criticism. Whenever any black men such as West or Cain (ongoing currently with Carson) point out this race-baiting tactic of Obama and the dems, it seems the GOP also delight in getting rid of them and calling them out as wacko birds, as the democrats do.

So what is really going on? Can we get to the tumor of the cancer? Did the republicans really legislate redistricting West, making his re-election nearly impossible or was it innocuous and the dems piled on money to get him out for good? Why is it any leading tea party member with a voice has been slowly eliminated?
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"The Tea Party has a right to feel cheated.

When does the Republican Party, put in the majority by the Tea Party, plan to honor its commitment to halt the growth of the Federal monolith and bring the budget back into balance"?

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