Author Topic: America sends warship to the Black Sea as Putin and Obama fail to solve their differences and new Ukrainian prime minister’s jet is boarded by police after terror attack alert  (Read 198 times)

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Pentagon insists 'routine' deployment has nothing to do with Russia's effective seizure of Crimea
Russian newspaper claims Viktor Yanukovych is in 'grave' condition after a heart attack in Moscow
Vladimir Putin dismissed report earlier this week that Yanukovych had died
SWAT teams boarded plane carrying Ukraine's new PM following 'terrorist threat'
Speaker of Russia's upper house of parliament today said there will be no war between Russia and the Ukraine
She also said Crimea's parliament has the right to hold a referendum on the region's future status
French foreign minister has said second round of sanctions against Russia could follow if first do not succeed
Austrian foreign minister calls Ukraine's repeal of a law making Russian a recognised language in some regions an 'absolute mistake'

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