Author Topic: Two more knock out attacks in NY - victims: white male 23, white female 36, all attackers young black males  (Read 171 times)

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Two More Knock Out Attacks In New York – Victims: White Male 23, White Female 36, All Attackers Young Black Males

Posted on March 7, 2014   by sundance    

Yet again, the PC media censor the racial aspect to the attacks.   

•In the first attack a 23 year old white male was walking home at night (video of attack here);  He was attacked by a young black male.   •In the second attack a 36 year old white female was walking at 12:30pm in broad daylight when she was attacked by four black teen males.

The news video of the second attack, on the female, which includes the CCTV footage is disturbing.   The attack is not disturbing per se, the responses from the neighbors are disturbing.  Summed up they announce ”meh – whatever”.

new york knock out 1NEW YORK - Police are looking for a suspect who walked up to a 23-year-old man on a Lower East Side street and punched him in the face early Thursday, knocking him unconscious and breaking his jaw.

The victim says he’s “frightened and frustrated” after the random attack, and is hoping the suspect is found before anyone is hurt again.

Authorities say the suspect sneaked up behind the victim, Kyle Rogers, near the Bowery Mission and hit him with a closed fist before running off. Rogers passed out and woke up in the ambulance with a broken jaw.

“The last thing I remember is putting my jacket on [at a bar], saying goodbye to my friends and then after that, waking up in the ambulance,” he told NBC 4 New York.

Rogers, who’s from Rockville Centre, had his mouth wired shut at the hospital. He also had cuts to the eyebrows and chin as a result of the fall.  (read more including how his family, not police, had to track down the video of the attack – the police didn’t care)

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, police are investigating a separate street attack in which the victim also appeared to be randomly targeted.

↑Watch Video Above To Hear Neighborhood Opinion↑

In that case, four suspects approached a 36-year-old woman at about 12:30 p.m. in front of 290 Water St. in the Dumbo neighborhood and assaulted her, then ran away.

Anyone with information about the assaults is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

New York knock out 2

The mainstream media, and even law enforcement, have consistently tried to claim the race-based “Knock Out” assaults are mythical in nature.

Various manipulations of labeling have taken place with some calling the attacks “a game”, or more specifically, “the Knock Out Game“.

It is also known on the street as “polar bear hunting“, or “Cracka’ Smacks“.

Last month another victim died. Until we honestly confront the reality of what is taking place we cannot expect to see this trend stop. Every single one of these attacks is a black youth, a specifically intended white victim, a random punch to the face/head:


Baton Rouge, Louisiana (victim killed)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

St. Cloud, Minnesota (victim killed)

Flint, Michigan

New York, New York (six victims from same thug)

Charlottesville, Virginia

Denver, Colorado

Rochester, New York


Brooklyn, New York

Queens, New York

Peoria, Illinois

Winton, North Carolina

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brooklyn, New York

Fort Myers, Florida  (89-year-old victim)

Chicago, Illinois (Victim killed)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New Jersey (13, 14 year-old attackers, Victim killed)


Chicago, Illinois (victim killed)

Michigan (victim was armed and shot attacker in buttocks)

St Paul, Minnesota

Chicago, Illinois (Victim killed)

New York, New York (Tourist victimized)

St. Louis, Missouri

This is what it looks like to be a victim:


This is not a myth, or urban legend !

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