Author Topic: The House votes to eliminate fine for failure to comply with individual mandate  (Read 303 times)

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Just Wednesday, the House voted, 250 to 160, to remove the teeth (such as they are) from ObamaCare, by eliminating any fine this year for failure to purchase healthcare insurance--the so-called "individual mandate."

Here is a bit on the matter from The Weekly Standard:

The House of Representatives passed legislation Wednesday afternoon to make the fine/“tax” for violating Obamacare’s individual mandate $0 for this year, and it did so by the wide margin of 90 votes (250 to 160).  That’s 83 more than the 7-vote margin (219 to 212) by which Obamacare passed the House four Marches ago.  Moreover, 27 Democrats voted for today’s legislation—27 more than the number of Republicans who voted for Obamacare when it passed.  In all, 223 Republicans voted for today’s bill, while only one—Paul Broun of Georgia—voted against it. ...

Given the wide margin by which the legislation passed the House, along with the significant level of bipartisan support with which it passed, perhaps the Senate will actually take a vote, [and] pass the bill...

Here is the link:  Bill to Make the Fine $0 for Violating the Individual Mandate Passes by 90 Votes | The Weekly Standard

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