Author Topic: Principal forces cult like political rally for piad Cesar Chavez holiday on grade school kids  (Read 257 times)

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Principal forces cult-like political rally on grade school kids for paid Cesar Chavez holiday [VIDEO]

Posted By Eric Owens On 9:03 PM 03/05/2014 In | No Comments

The principal at a public elementary school in Tucson, Ariz. held a shocking, chant-filled political rally on Tuesday urging children as young as kindergarteners to take political action to support César Chávez Day as an official, paid holiday for local government employees.

The Arizona Daily Independent first reported the story and the bizarre video is below.

The principal is Sonora, Mexico-born Carmen Campuzano. She led the brazen political rally at Tucson’s Davis Bilingual Magnet School.

Campuzano can be seen in the video clad in bright, bright red. There are also two special guests. One is Dolores Huerta, a labor leader who co-founded the group that is now the United Farm Workers with César Chávez. The other special guest is Tucson Unified school board member Cam Juarez. He is the guy wearing all black and a Michael Jackson hat.

The anonymous parent who captured the video noted that the children in the audience ranged in age from 5 to perhaps 11 or 12. He said the children were swept into a frenzy by the chants and cheers initiated by the adults on stage in front of them.

“So today, our city council, at 5:30, will be voting whether to name a day – holiday – for employees of the cities of Tucson to honor Cesar Chavez,” Principal Campuzano tells the grade-school students in the video.

“All of you can be there, at 5:30 to demonstrate our support for this important recognition for one of our wonderful heroes and the legacy of César Chávez,” she encourages the young, captive audience.

Then, at the urging of Campuzano and other adults in the room, the little kids start clapping and chanting “Si! Se puede!”—over and over in strange, cult-like fashion. They can also be seen waving signs and little red flags festooned with migrant labor symbols.

“All of the sudden the principal was yelling viva this and viva that, and si se pueda, and then they started the Cesar Chavez clap and the room changed,” the Hispanic parent who took the video told the Daily Independent. “This was not to honor a civil rights hero. It was a political rally.”

After a breather, the principal leads the little kids in still another rousing rendition of “Si! Se puede!” sloganeering. There is more clapping. This time, the kindergarteners, first graders, etc. are all standing up.

“It had everything you need to turn kids into little followers. The chanting, the kids’ pictures of Cesar and Delores all around the room, kids’ drawings of the migrant worker symbol,” observed the parent. “The cult of personality and kids being told that they were all one and not individuals. It was really bad. They were indoctrinating these kids.”

“I am glad I came today,” the amazed parent added. “Otherwise, I would not have believed this stuff really goes on.”

The Daily Independent notes that an Arizona statute forbids the use of public school resources for political events.

Meanwhile, the proposal in Tucson to add César Chávez Day to the number of paid holidays for Tucson employees passed on Tuesday night.

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said in the public forum before the new holiday became law: “I need everyone in this room to understand, this ordinance is not without a cost.”

Richard Miranda, the city manager, assured everyone present that the cost of the new holiday “will be absorbed in our budget.”

The total annual cost of the holiday will be $503,000, notes the Daily Independent.

“When it might cost a little bit of money, when you think about the kind of dignity it brings to the city and to the working people here, it’s really worth it,” Huerta, the labor leader, rationalized, according to Tucson News Now.


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