Author Topic: Pentagon sending fighter jets to boost NATO presence amid Ukraine crisis  (Read 334 times)

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Will the administration let them have live weapons on these jets?

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Will the administration let them have live weapons on these jets?

The administration doesn't have a say in that. All aircraft, matters not which country they are from, in the Baltic Air Policing fly hot.
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A sensible thing to do - probably one of the few things that will actually calm a jittery nerve or two in the Baltics - but it lost some of its effect, I think, by talking about it first.  If the aircraft had been sent from the US to Siauliai Air Base immediately after Russian boots hit ukraine soil, the Baltic states would have known about it - they'd be told about it privately - and the Russians would have known about it via their radars.  Both sides would have taken it as a "hint" that the US was not about to abandon its NATO allies, and it couldn't so easily be dismissed as a propaganda stunt if the US hadn't talked about it first.  It's still important, but by talking it up Hagel et al., have now given it a PR dimension it didn't need.

Once again, the administration is flouting TR's adage about speaking softly and carrying a big stick - when you have the stick, your enemies know it, so you don't have to tell them about it and, in fact, you squander some of the effectiveness of that stick - short of actually having to hit someone with it - if you prance around in public talking about how big your stick is.

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