Author Topic: CFR's Gelb: U.S. administration has no idea 'what is happening' in Egypt  (Read 200 times)

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CFR’s Gelb: U.S. administration has no idea ‘what is happening’ in Egypt

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CAIRO — The U.S. military has been lobbying for a renewal of aid to Egypt.

The U.S. military as well as Defense Department and the Joint Chiefs of Staff were pushing for an end to the suspension of major combat deliveries to Egypt.

Military and defense officials have warned that Egypt was more important than ever to Washington’s interests.

“My advice now is to support the Army in Egypt and the military
 establishment in order to help make up for the abuses the Muslim Brotherhood
 committed, on the one hand, and to move towards the political realism that
 Egypt needs on the other,” Council of Foreign Relations president Leslie
 Gelb said.

The assertion was relayed as U.S. officers have been visiting Egypt. One
 delegation consisted of five U.S. special operations officers from Central
 Command, several of whom expressed confidence in the Egyptian military.

“There is confidence in the military establishment in Egypt,” an
 unidentified U.S. officer told Egypt’s official Al Ahram daily. “This is
 beyond question.”

Still, the officers acknowledged a drop in U.S. support as Egypt battled
 an Islamist revolt in the Sinai Peninsula. One officer was quoted as saying
 that Egypt required “political freedoms, not weapons.”

In late February, a delegation from the House Intelligence Committee
 visited Egypt to help restore relations with Washington. The committee
 contained several members, including the chairman, deemed supporters of

“I do not have a polite way to express my opinion of what U.S. foreign
 policy-makers are doing in the region,” Gelb said. “They have no clear idea
 about what is happening there.”
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