Author Topic: GDP downgraded by 33% - 2013 near recession economy, media ignores  (Read 414 times)

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GDP Downgraded By 33% – 2013 Near Recession Economy. Media Ignores

by Ulsterman on March 1, 2014  with 4 Comments in News

Very quietly, the Obama administration released the seasonally adjusted GDP figures this past week, and it’s horrible news, though no surprise to those Americans still looking for work that no longer exists.  The new figure for the fourth quarter is just 2.4 percent, down from an originally published 3.2 percent.  OUCH.

Another tidbit I’m sure will cause you to grit your teeth, knowing how the Mainstream Media has refused to report even the simplest, (because they are often the most damning) facts regarding the horrific economic morass that is the Obama economy.

EVERY GDP report in the last year has later been downgraded by the administration.  They put out a stronger report, the media touts it as a sign of “slow but steady” recovery, and then that same report is downgraded and the media says NOTHING.

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The total GDP figure for 2013 is an abysmal 1.9 percent.  That is the kind of number that a relatively insignificant economic hiccup could push the country back into the very dark days of serious recession.  There are far fewer jobs being created, than people reaching working age.  That is a recipe for total workforce collapse.

And yet, the media says nothing.   I wonder then, if a conservative wins the White House in 2016, how much of what has been Barack Obama’s disastrous economic record, will be laid at the feet of the new president?  A kind of reverse “Blame Bush” plan is likely in our near future.

That is why your support of the Alternative Media is so important.  Truth is being told, much to the dismay of the Mainstream Media cabal, and the more that happens, the more informed voters ultimately will be, and the less likely an incompetent, anti-American, self involved, utterly manufactured fool is allowed to call the White House home.     -UM

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Re: GDP downgraded by 33% - 2013 near recession economy, media ignores
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2014, 08:18:44 AM »

Perhaps the only difference is that the New York Times still does not deign to capitalize all the letters of Obama's last name.
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Re: GDP downgraded by 33% - 2013 near recession economy, media ignores
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2014, 09:48:52 AM »
They will be punished by Obama like S&P was.
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