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Uncontested and Contested Arrivals By Clarice Feldman
« on: March 02, 2014, 12:40:53 PM »

March 2, 2014
Uncontested and Contested Arrivals
By Clarice Feldman

In a juvenile bureaucratic effort to disguise the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, the administration airbrushed it as an “uncontested arrival”. I suppose that might make some not very bright people think the customs and immigration desks in the Crimean ports of entry were unmanned. Or was the  administration simply signaling it  would provide cover for a later claim by Russia that (as  Russia claimed in Syria ) it had  intervened  at the behest of the local government  to protect lives and peace? To me it is obvious that Sarah Palin was right when she warned after watching Obama’s lame response to the Russian invasion of Georgia that if he were elected Russia would invade the Ukraine. It is amazing what and who the media thinks is stupid, isn’t it? To add to the egg in their faces almost no sooner than Christiane Amanpour said the Russians would not invade they did.

This week as we are forced to watch yet again the horrible global consequences of putting a sophomoric luftmensch in the oval office twice, Congress seems to be stirring  to life. Fox News reports that CIA Acting Director Mike Morell and his old boss David Petraeus, may be recalled to testify respecting the White House’s role in the Benghazi disaster, with Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Mike Rogers, indicating that at least Morell, and possibly both men, misled Congress on this critical point.

And as hard as the press has tried to drive a stake in the heart of the IRS scandal, the monster will not stay dead.

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