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Appearing on the debut of Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, conservative talk radio host and scholar Mark Levin sent a warning shot to the permanent political class at the state and federal levels by saying the Tea Party would be putting them on the run.

The weekly Breitbart News Saturday show, from 10 AM EST to 1 PM EST, will be hosted by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and a rotation of Breitbart News editors and contributors.

Appearing with Bannon and Sirius XM Patriot's and Tea Party stalwart David Webb, Levin said that the Tea Party’s roots go back prior to the Constitution when colonists would meet at pubs and at their homes and share pamphlets and discuss what they wold do about their country. Levin said that the permanent political class in Washington is not going to fix the Leviathan that is the federal government because, “They designed it. And they like it."

“They are not going to give it up," Levin said. He explained that is why conservatives "have to take it from them.”

Specifically, Levin said conservatives could start at the local levels, and he warned the establishment that the Tea Party would be coming at them at the state level where "we could reestablish our Constitution."

Levin said that “states acting together are the most powerful governing force on the face of the earth,” because the Supreme Court, the president, Congress, and the fourth branch that is the administrative state "can’t stop us.”

Though he said that the political establishment will “keep calling us names" as the movement succeeds, Levin said ultimately, “They don’t matter to us."

"They’re our target," he said.

David Webb said he believed the Declaration of Independence is the country's cultural DNA while the Constitution is the legal DNA. Webb said, like Levin, he sees a "new nervous system" being formed as conservatives and Tea Partiers talk bout issues on the bus and trains and at public events.

Bannon said that nobody has done “more to make the thoughts of the framers accessible to working-class, middle-class people" than Levin. Levin complimented Webb, saying he regularly listens to Webb’s show on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 after he is done taping his own show. Levin encouraged Webb to make more appearances on all platforms because he is an effective messenger for conservative values.

Levin keynoted an event last Thursday that celebrated the five-year anniversary of the Tea Party movement, where he said the Tea Party movement "is the only thing standing between what is left of the country's republic and the tyranny of runaway government."

Looks like Levin doesn't think any of the Tea Party challengers have a shot either.  Time to change tactics.  Now instead of taking over the GOP they going to take city hall. :silly:
The Tea Party is going to make sure the county treasurer is against amnesty and the county debt limit.

What does the Tea Party platform say about the construction of a round-about on Hwy PD?

For real Levin?
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Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!.....
...They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own - brought in by parents at young age. Plus BIG border security
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This is pretty smart.

The problem with lots of these Tea Party candidates is their lack of experience and political acumen.  They decide they want to cut their political teeth running for the US Senate or the US House instead of learning the ropes on the City Council or School board. 

The prime example that comes to mind is Christine O'Donnell.  She was attractive and articulate but had no political instincts.  Anyone who would let herself be talked into that insane "I'm not a witch" commercial is clueless.

So Levin recognizes that the quality of the Tea Party challengers is wanting and they should groom themselves on some lower office.
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