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California Leftists Look to Restore Race and Gender Preferences

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Posted on Feb 26, 2014 | 0 Comments

Now this the time to make a principled stand for equality in California while far-left lawmakers look to unravel one of the healthiest public policy initiatives in recent memory. That would Prop 209, which outlawed preferential policies by amending the California state constitution back in 1996. Prop 209 started a nationwide movement at the state-level that put end to quotas, set asides and other discriminatory measures were used in government hiring and college admissions. Other states that have followed suit include Washington State, Oklahoma, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire and Florida. Americans from across party lines believe it is high time the 14th Amendment’s “equal protection” clause  found full expression. Unfortunately, California lawmakers are making every effort to revert back to the discriminatory practices of the past. Diversity is the rationale used to treat people unequally. Look carefully and it becomes evident that diversity is applicable where certain favored constituencies are concerned.


Here’s how the XIV (14th Amendment Foundation) reports on the latest developments:

On Jan. 30 Democrats in the state Senate used their two-thirds supermajority to pass SCA 5,  which would put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot to overturn the state’s ban on racial preferences in public colleges and universities.

This change is disguised as a call for “equalizing opportunities” and “increasing diversity,” but it is a clear assault on equal protection in California. For those who don’t qualify as a preferred minority, it means outright discrimination.

Already, individuals who believe they have the right to equal protection under the law have mounted significant opposition to SCA 5 in the form of an impressive petition campaign direct at California legislators.

They are absolutely right. No politician, public official or bureaucrat should be able to decide, based on race, ethnicity or sex, who should receive special treatment and who can be discriminated against. Each person has the right to be treated as a unique individual based on his or her personal character and achievements. (You can read my full response to this issue in an op-ed published in the Los Angeles Times earlier this month.)

The XIV Foundation is currently working on several video projects to tell the real stories of those who are (or would be) impacted negatively by race-based policies. If you have a story, we want to hear it! You can reply to this e-mail or send them to marked “My Story.”

Confronting the public with the personal costs of discrimination is the best way to end these policies once and for all. Your story could help make that a reality.

Thank you for standing up for true equality!

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