Author Topic: Revealed: The forgotten treaty which could drag the US and UK into WAR with Russia if Putin's troops intervene in Ukraine  (Read 300 times)

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Technically it means that if Russia has invaded Ukraine then it would be difficult for the US and Britain to avoid going to war.

Nothing difficult about it.  All things considered, if it came to a hot war at this point in time Ukraine would being going it alone, although the US and UK might provide some material support such as weapons and ammunition.

Treaties cannot be enforced against an unwilling party, absent force, which would entail a war, so the only thing that really prevents a country from ignoring an inconvenient treaty is the risk that its failure to abide will cause other countries to not interact with it in the future.

Going hot against Russian troops in Ukraine simply outweighs the risk that the US will lose valuable relationships with other countries if it breaks this purported treaty with Ukraine.

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