Author Topic: Russian Legislators Present Bill to Facilitate Annexation of Ukrainian Crimea  (Read 225 times)

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Russian Legislators Present Bill to Facilitate Annexation of Ukrainian Crimea

Members of the strongly pro-Putin Just Russia Party are introducing a bill in the Duma that would make it easier for Russia to annex territories that vote to join the nation. According to the drafters of the bill, the objective would be to "lend a hand" to pro-Russian forces in Ukraine.

According to the UK Telegraph, Just Russia Party second-in-command Mikhail Yemelyanov introduced a bill today that would allow any territory that has a referendum vote or passes a law in their local legislatures indicating a desire to be a part of Russia to become an official territory of the Russian Federation. This would eliminate the requirement that the nation currently calling the territory part of their sovereign land must agree to hand that territory over to Russia.

The bill would make it possible for the Parliament of Crimea, a Ukrainian territory in the South populated heavily by ethnic Russians, to become a part of Russia by simply passing a law or a referendum vote.

According to Venezuelan newspaper El Universal, the Just Russia Party is not being coy about the move being a direct attempt to annex parts of Ukraine. "With this law," said party leader Vladimir Vassilyev, "we are lending a hand to help our friends in Ukraine." Vassilyev is a co-sponsor of the bill, and added that Crimea "keeps their destiny in their own hands" even if the bill is passed.

Pro-Ukraine and pro-Russia protesters clashed before the Crimean Parliament yesterday as ethnic Russians in the region seized the opportunity of the nation's unrest to call for annexation. In the midst of civilian clashes, armed gunmen described by witnesses as "professionals" seized the Parliament and raised a Russian flag over it. Similarly mysterious pro-Russia gunmen hijacked the Crimean airport this morning. Pro-Putin pseudo news outlet Russia Today reported that the Crimean government was officially dissolved yesterday, replaced with a new crop of pro-Russia politicians.

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