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Obama Considers Scrapping Website & Starting Over

Richard Anthony 11 hours ago

After reading that headline can any reasonably intelligent person doubt we have a government run by idiots? Let's just say, for the sake of argument that we, the tax payers, have been soaked for $500 million for a website that really doesn't work. Then let's take a look at all of the money spent by the government for advertising the aforementioned website, and that would bring the total well over the $500 million mark.

Media Matters says that figure is a "myth," perpetrated by the right wing, but the bottom line is we have paid for a broken "widget" and that money is gone; I mean it's gone, and we'll never see a single dime returned to the tax payers of America.

During all the chaos that Obamacare has caused, we have the president reassuring us that everything is OK, that millions have successfully signed-up and now have "better insurance plans" than they did before and that every new product similar to has "glitches" that need to be worked-out. Harry Reid, yesterday said that anybody who has an Obamacare horror story is a "liar."

And now, president Obama wants to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch? What does that say about the credibility of democrats and Barack Obama as a whole?

And what about "pajama-boy"? Will he be used to re-introduce the "new and improved" website? How much have the tax payers given him for his part?

So far ladies and gentlemen, we have (unwillingly) been forced to buy a lemon and now the people that sold it to us want us to buy another one just like it. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Let me give you my take on this mess - I think Obama and the rest of the Democrats are scared to death that because of the disastrous roll-out of the president's signature legislation, they know, come the 2014 mid-term elections, that their goose is cooked. Since the president has been touted with telling the "lie of the year," those same democrats, who are up for re-election, are wetting their pants. And they should be, because come Election Day, every Democrat on every ballot will have "Obamacare" next to his or her name, and they are scared stiff.

Obamacare wasn't about making health care affordable, it was designed with one single purpose, and that was to crash the existing system and bring us all to a single payer system or "Socialized Medicine." The president and Democrats have over played their hand on this one and people are finally waking-up. The proof of that is the president's dismal approval rating numbers.

Folks, our chance to rectify this most egregious error, will be the 2014 elections. Hopefully, we can take back the Senate and if we hold on to the House, we can put a stop to all this insanity that is being forced upon us by Obama and the Democrats.

God forbid that Democrats re-take the House and hold onto the Senate.

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