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Asked about Dems avoiding Obama, Reid says he’s grateful for ‘one president’: Bill Clinton

Posted By Alexis Levinson On 4:17 PM 02/25/2014 In | No Comments

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dodged a question Tuesday about whether Senate Democrats facing tough re-election fights will avoid having President Obama campaign for them.

At a press conference, Reid was asked: “[Democratic] Sen. [Mark] Udall of Colorado last month did not want to say whether he wanted to campaign with the president in the great state of Colorado. Have you talked with members of the administration or the president and said, ‘Hey, maybe you should think twice about coming to the state?’”

“I mean, you’d have to talk to Mark, he knows Colorado better than I do,” Reid responded.

“But we do have one president that’s been going all over the place, and that’s Clinton,” Reid said. “He’s traveling around campaigning for everybody, doing a great job.”

Reid then ended his press conference.

Several Senate Democrats are facing tough re-election campaigns in red states, including Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor, Alaska Sen. Mark Begich and North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan. Udall is also up for re-election in the more purple state of Colorado. All have to walk a fine line when it comes to Obama, who is unpopular in their states. Hagan, for instance, remained in Washington when Obama gave a speech in North Carolina last month, saying she was focused on Senate votes.

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