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Police Chief placed on leave for defending the Constitution
« on: February 23, 2014, 06:05:52 AM »
Police Chief Placed on Leave for Defending the Constitution .. By Paul Joseph Watson
Feb23  by disturbeddeputy   


Are You DISTURBED Yet? You should be.

Originally posted on GulfDogs:

Editors Note:  This is one of the most disturbing stories out there right now and should have every American totally outraged. After the episode with Sheriff Nick Finch of Liberty County, Florida being arrested, charged and fired after orders from a tyrant Governor, Rick Scott, for upholding the constitutional rights of one of the citizens he served before going to court and winning his case and job back with great support from so many patriots and groups like the SAF , not just in Florida, but nation wide.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association run by Sheriff Richard Mack, a personal friend of mine, is not some sort of home grown terrorist outfit.  They want Sheriffs and Police Chiefs to reaffirm their Oath to protect citizens using the chief law of the land, the Constitution and to abide by every part of the Oath they swear by re-affirming their commitment to uphold and defend the Constitution.  I understand that to many corrupt Federal agents and Agencies, like the FBI, TSA, DHS, CIA, ATF, DOJ etc, this Oath is not something they believe in or adhere to.  They just all go through the motions of having to say it in order to take the job.  If it meant anything to any of them, we would not have the usurper in the White House, we would not have a dead BPA agent, Brian Terry, killed with weapons supplied to Mexican drug cartels by certain agencies under the control of this Marxist, treasonous Administration, we would not have had the CIA running guns to al Qaeda groups resulting in the assassination of an Ambassador and an embassy official plus 2 former navy SEALS while Obama watched and did not raise a damn finger. 

I could go on but I know I am preaching a story I have often repeated.  The reason that this brave and true American hero, Police Chief Shane Harger, was harassed is because they are shooting a warning shot across the bows of all citizens not to go against the dictatorship now in the White House.  They are running scared as they know that there is a limited window before real Americans take to the streets and demand their arrests. (May 16th, Washington DC ..  Operation American Spring could be the start) >>>
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