Author Topic: Obama puts away his executive orders and pen and blames drought woes on politics  (Read 284 times)

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Obama Puts Away His Executive Orders Pen And Blames California Drought Woes On Politics

By Cultural Limits on February 22, 2014   • ( 0 )

Delta Smelt

How can one little fish cause so much trouble?

Those of us who are not of the environmentalist wacko bent and who are tired of hearing about California reservoir water being diverted to save a bait fish in the west, really are going to get hacked with Obama’s latest excuse for NOT using executive orders to appropriately distribute water collected in California for its originally intended purpose:

As a result, California farmers are expected to leave fallow up to 500,000 acres this season.  Producers  will use what water they do have on the most high-value crops.

Obama acknowledges the politics are difficult.

“We’re going to have to learn to play a different game,” Obama said.  “If the politics are structured in such a way where everybody is fighting each other and trying to get as much as they can, my suspicion is we are not going to make much progress.”  Source

Politics?  Denying irrigation resources to farmers in the middle of a drought to save a pest fish is politics?


Since when are humans at the bottom of the political importance list?  The man-made irrigation system set up in California has worked well to provide water to farmers in times of drought for decades.  That’s what it was set up to do.  And now, the dictator wannabe is telling the men and women who raise crops to feed us, Sorry, there’s other needs for this water that have nothing to do with human well-being, but we’re appropriating it for that purpose anyway.  Oh, and by the way, sorry about the drought.

Talk about imperious.

If there was any doubt that Obama and company don’t give a rat’s backside about the American people or the economy, it should be buried with this report.  This is actually another place executive orders to help out the people would not be amiss.  But, no, that poisoned pen is saved for political ends, not to help farmers during a drought keep produce growing.

God help us.  (I mean that.)

Contrary to the suppositions in this specific article quoted, Americans ARE noticing higher prices at the grocery store.  Whether or not everyone understands why they are so high is another story, but food prices are high and the people are having to make sacrifices to eat.  Less food available means higher prices.  Plain and simple.  Letting 500,000 acres of farmland sit fallow, or unused, is not going to help that.
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That fish isn't even native to the USA, much less California... it is a convenient scapegoat for greenies.
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Meanwhile, this DickTater goes and plays golf on ritzy courses that have to be watered to keep them green.

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