Author Topic: Florida muslim charged with recruiting and training for violent jihad offered plea deal  (Read 223 times)

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Florida Muslim charged with recruiting and training for violent jihad offered plea deal

 Robert Spencer       Feb 19, 2014 at 4:55pm    American jihadis, converts to Islam, Jihad in the U.S.   

Shelton_Bell_MUG_2I wasn’t able to find a single news source that gave Shelton Thomas Bell’s Muslim name. Why do they disrespect him in this way? If he were a convert to Islam who was rising in the business or sports world, or was some rich philanthropist, the media wouldn’t dare call him by the name he used when he was in the darkness of jahiliyya. But since he wanted to commit jihad mass murder, he is always and only…Shelton Thomas Bell.

Anyway, under whose auspices did “Bell” convert to Islam? What mosque did he go to? Who taught him that jihad involved warfare against unbelievers, and this understanding of Islam that Muslim groups in the U.S. ostensibly reject? Does anyone know? Does anyone care?

“Plea deal offered for Jax man charged with supporting terrorists,” by Stephanie Brown for, February 18:

Jacksonville, FL — A plea deal is officially on the table for the Jacksonville man charged with supporting terrorism overseas.

During a status hearing for Shelton Bell today, his public defender Lisa Call asked the Magistrate for a 30 day continuance. She told him she had received a plea offer from the US Attorney’s Office last week but had not yet had the time to review it with Bell. She told the court she believes the case will “resolve” before trial.

The Magistrate set a plea deadline for March 19th. If the case does move forward to trial, it is now scheduled for April 7th.

Bell was indicted at 19-years-old for “Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Terrorists” and “Attempt to Provide Material Support to Terrorists”. The indictment against Bell alleges that he recruited and trained locally for what he calls a violent “jihad” overseas. He also allegedly traveled abroad with the intent of supporting a terrorist organization.
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