Author Topic: Acorn voter group "Battleground Texas" has already falsified thousands of documents  (Read 169 times)

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ACORN Voter Group “Battleground Texas” Has Already Falsified Thousands of Documents
by Betty Butter • 20 February, 2014 • Politics • 0 Comments

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The young woman in the video below is one of the most frightening Democratic progressive thinking minions you’ll ever see. Laws mean nothing to her. Morality means nothing to her. She’s a true Leninista who seems to believe that morality is only for the bourgeoisie. In her book, fraud is okay, lying is okay. Breaking the law is no big whoop. Notice how she won’t even acknowledge that Texas is a Red state, by saying Texas is “technically” a Red state.

“Battleground Texas”

From Breitbart:

leased a video that allegedly shows Battleground Texas Field Organizer Jennifer Longoria admitting she violates Texas election laws by copying voter registration information.

“So every time we register someone to vote we keep their name and number,” she is heard saying at one point in the video.

“That data collection is the key,” she adds.

But that action violates Texas election law which specifically says: “The registrar may not transcribe, copy, or otherwise record a telephone number furnished on a registration application.”

O’Keefe explains the information is then used by volunteers who call voters and encourage them to vote for Wendy Davis.

According to O’Keefe, the numbers would normally be redacted from lists obtained by the Secretary of State, meaning the numbers are obtained from the voter registration forms themselves, an act that violates state law.

At another point in the video, Longoria explains the name, address and phone number is entered into a database that volunteers will access later.

Longoria also said the strategy helps increase the odds people will actually go to the polls.

O’Keefe wonders how far the organization is willing to go to get Davis elected.

“If Battleground Texas is willing to unlawfully transcribe and utilize people’s data, how far would they be willing to go?” he asked, reminding viewers his group has already exposed the communications director for Enroll America, who agreed to provide private data for political purposes.

And, O’keefe adds, Enroll America and Battleground Texas appear to be working together to make Texas a blue state.

“Is this all standard operating procedure for the Wendy Davis campaign?” he asked. “What’s to prevent them from putting pressure on a voter close to the 2014 election using that data?”

Alicia Pierce, communications director for the Texas Secretary of State’s office told Project Veritas: “Section 13.004 speaks for itself.”

O’Keefe called Battleground Texas the “new ACORN,” citing thousands of falsified documents in Harris County alone.

Read more here

For those of you outside of Texas, Harris County encompasses the city of Houston, and suburbs. It has a large black and Hispanic population, and is the home of Sheila Jackson Lee, and it is also where Catherine Engelbrecht “True the Vote” movement is headquartered. She is the one who has been harrassed by the IRS, the FBI, and other federal agencies, so you know just how badly the Democrats want to protect their ACORN-spinoff organizations there.

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