Author Topic: South Texas Vote Buyer Convicted in Federal Court  (Read 231 times)

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South Texas Vote Buyer Convicted in Federal Court
« on: February 18, 2014, 12:58:01 PM »
 Logan Churchwell
Evidence of voter fraud continues to emerge in Texas as a federal judge sentenced Donna resident Rebecca Gonzales for one count of election fraud in a 2012 local school board race. Gonzales was one of three campaign workers or “politiqueras” originally arrested by the FBI in December 2013 after a targeted investigation.

The going rate for votes in the McAllen exurb appears relatively cheap, according to local reports. Gonzales, along with Guadalupe Escamilla and Diana Castañeda were initially accused of purchasing votes for preferred candidates with nominal amounts of cash, beer and tobacco products. Gonzales admitted to FBI investigators that she influenced roughly 10 individuals in the 2012 Election cycle and offered voters a ride to purchase illegal drugs after casting their ballot.

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