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This land grab reeks of the "Kelo" Supreme Court decision regarding the taking of land in New London, CT. I used to know someone at work who had a relative who lost their home in the Kelo case.

After Kelo, some states passed laws that offered protection to property holders from losing their land in Kelo-like proceedings.

I'm going to guess that Colorado is not one of them.

Lately, Colorado is looking to be more and more one of the "new slave" states, such as New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, and California -- where the state goverments actively endeavour to undermine traditional Constitutional freedoms.

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Eminent domain has been used for a long time. Kelo expanded the uses for which it could be applied.

One such old use would be for parks set-asides, which this town appears to be trying to do. Not even the expanded Kelo uses, which would be to turn the property over to a private developer.

So all they have to do is fairly compensate the cabin owners.

*My town uses Eminent Domain for Redevelopment, but has thus far decided to not use it to take any existing residential properties.

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