Author Topic: Will’s Take: 2016 Will Be about Health Care, and Hillary Will Have Some Explaining to Do  (Read 252 times)

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Will’s Take: 2016 Will Be about Health Care, and Hillary Will Have Some Explaining to Do
By NRO Staff
February 16, 2014 10:36 AM

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“It is probable that 2016 will be the fourth consecutive election cycle in which Obamacare is a major issue,” George Will said this morning on Fox News Sunday. “That will focus attention on the fact that, the first time Hillary Clinton stepped onto the center stage of American politics . . . [President Clinton] turned health care over to his wife, who, in a process both gargantuan and opaque, produced a health-care plan so rococo and implausible that neither the House nor the Senate, both controlled by the Democrats, would even bring it to a vote.”

“So if health care is, as I suspect it will be, a continuing issue in 2016,” Will said, “she has some explaining to do.”

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No matter what stance Hillary takes on Obamacare, her fiasco trying to implement her own healthcare will be a hindrance. The media will do whatever it can to save her sorry butt, but that will be a lot of work. Hopefully, it will become obvious to the voters what a fake she is. After all, she's not black. Being a woman won't be enough this go round.

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There is not a single doctor who was in business before and after the early 90's who is not aware the mess in healthcare started with Hillary and Newt.  Yes, the GOP didn't pass Hillarycare, but they helped implement enough of her ideas that they started the long road to where we find ourselves today.  The best thing that could happen to healthcare in this country is for the government to back the heck off and let the free market work.
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