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George is exactly right, the climate is always changing.  On April 10, 1815, the stratovolcano Tambora erupted in the largest explosion in recorded history.  By the time it was over, Tambora had thrown approximately 38 cubic miles of ejecta into the atmosphere, much of it reaching the stratosphere over 27 miles in the air.  Virtually all of the crops in the Indonesian archipelago were destroyed overnight by heavy falls of ash.

The summer of 1816 was the year of no summer.  Maine got a foot of snow in June and there was widespread crop failure around the world, contributing to the famine in Europe caused by the Napoleonic Wars.  Immediate climate change from one massive volcanic eruption.  God forbid we ever get a good sized asteroid strike in one of our oceans, because it would put enough water vapor in the air it would take decades to snow out in the resulting ice age.

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