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I can not emphasize enough how important dogs (and cats) are to FOB teams.

Dogs - well, it's obvious. They are smart, loving, good company and amazing at perimeter defense. Sitting there after a run, trying to destress without crashing completely? Some furry head will shove under your arm and smile at you, a yard long tongue hanging out, hoping to play. When you are thousands of miles from your loved ones, having someone that loves you right there helps a lot.

Cats - less obvious. They have the reputation of being aloof. They are not. The number of times I've seen a cat curled up next to someone who had a bad time, purring softly and letting them actually sleep is beyond counting. You can't not sleep with a cat against your chest. Plus they deal with the inevitable pests.

Ideally, every deployed unit would have a dog and a cat with them. It is difficult in the UK to do that, because of the 6 month quarantine after a trip abroad (we don't have rabies here and would like to keep it that way).

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