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Gallup: DC ranks #2 in job growth, 5 consecutive years
« on: February 13, 2014, 07:47:08 AM »
Gallup: DC Ranks #2 in Job Growth

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Gallup reported on net hiring of US workers in 2013 on Wednesday, and while North Dakota led the nation for the fifth consecutive year, Washington, D.C. came in second.

The job creation index, which is determined by surveying full-time and part-time workers 18 or older on whether their employer is hiring, shows the District of Columbia clocking in at a 30, tied with South Dakota.

The highest number on the scale is 40. While North Dakota and South Dakota have both been climbing in job growth every year of the last six, when the Gallup study began, the District of Columbia has only entered the top of the rankings over the last four years, since President Obama’s stimulus programs have kicked in.
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